Negotiations 3/21/17

Some agreements were made during negotiations on 3/21. Attached you will find a link to the proposals put forth (this includes counterproposals by the hospital) as well as a short summary of the meeting itself. Please take the time to review the information. Remember, to view the information click on the links below ending in .pdf. Share it with your coworkers. The Next Negotiation Days are Crucial. March 27, 2017 has been added beginning at 9am-3pm at the Ethan Allen. We also have Negotiations March 28 and 29 beginning at 9am with no end time at the Ethan Allen Hotel.

Get Health Insurance Through Your Employer? ACA Repeal Will Affect You, To

JoAnn Volk

January 11, 2017

Much of the recent attention on the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has focused on the fate of the 22.5 million people likely to lose insurance through a repeal of Medicaid expansion and the loss of protections and subsidies in the individual insurance market. Overlooked in the declarations of who stands to lose under plans to “repeal and replace” the ACA are those enrolled in employer-sponsored health plans — the primary source of coverage for people under 65.